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Hello my name is Shah and I have spent the past 7+ years as a spacecraft propulsion scientist/engineer working on liquid and ion propulsion systems for satellites and other unmanned spacecraft. Currently, I serve as a Propulsion Systems Lead (both liquid propulsion and ion propulsion) for a satellite program (the sixth program that I have held the propulsion lead role for). The job has given me the opportunity to do systems/mission design, support the build/manufacturing of the spacecraft, work on space qualification programs, review test data, work on solving some interesting problems, and support as Propulsion Lead on console in a Mission Control Center for many launches and transfer orbit missions. You can read more about that work at the following link.

My undergraduate education was in Chemical Engineering (and Economics, although that isn’t used much). I also went to graduate school for both Systems Architecture & Engineering and Management Science & Engineering.

I have also been very involved in Engineers Without Borders since 2008, serving as the president of our professional chapter for many years and moving on to leadership roles in the West Coast region. I traveled to Tanzania in 2011 to build a rainwater catchment system on a primary school (pictures can be seen at this link).

I also do some consulting for nonprofits working in ocean conservation on how technologies can be used for ocean protection and to improve the work in the field. It is work I started at Stanford University and has allowed me some remarkable opportunities in the last few years.

I am a big believer in the power of engineering to change this world for the better and try to volunteer at STEM events and grade school career days as often as I can.

They are doing an “about the contributors” thing over at Engineering Is Awesome. I was featured today.

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